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Folding Protective Mask Respirator


Folding Protective Mask

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Specification: head-mounted folding type 108mmx158mm

Model NO.:LSH-201

Executive standard: FDA EUA(NO:EUA202420)/EN149:2001+A1:2009 

Summary of test data

Folding Protective Mask

Model no: LSH-201

Melt-blown filter cloth

Intended Use:  Professional / Breathable


It offers extra protection from dust, debris, pollen and haze. The advanced multi-layered fabric is designed to help reduce exposures to certain airborne particles and provide ease of breathing with maximum comfort.


Instruction on how to best fit the respirator on your face:


(1)With nose clip outward, pull the ear straps with both hands to position the  

    nose clip upward.

(2) Put on the mask respirator with the chin covered inside, then buckle the ears

      strap behind the ears with both hands.

(3)Adjust the mask respirator to a snug fit on your face.

(4) Use index fingers and middle fingers to gently press down the nose clip on the

     nose bridge for a close fit.

(5) Conduct a seal check test. Put both hands gently on the mask respirator and

     exhale, If air leaks, then readjust nose clip and/or straps.





·       This product is disposable, it should not be reused, nor to be washed.

·       Use as directed above, misuse may lose its effectiveness, cause discomfort or sickness.

·       If irritation or allergy occurs, discontinue the use and seek medical advice.

When mask respirator is contaminated, damaged, soiled, or breathing is difficult, it should be replaced. This mask respirator is intended for individual one time use only. The respirator's Fit Testing is done as below:


·       The recommended usage time for this product is less than 4 hours.



Inward Leakage Test (Fit Test)

Mask Fit Test done in USA.jpg

For particle filtering half masks fitted in accordance with manufacturer's information, at least 46 out of the 50 individual exercise results (10 subjects x 5 exercises) for total inward leakage shall be greater 11% for FFII (Folding protective mask respirator), or at least 8 out of the 10 individual wearer arithmetic means for the total inward leakage shall be not greater than 8% for FFII (Folding protective mask respirator).

The test result below supports manufacturer's performance specification.






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